Plat Du Jour: Bún cho Ambre

Bún is the Vietnamese rendition of rice vermicelli noodles, which are found commonly all over South-East Asia. From my experience (in Vietnamese restaurants 🙂 ), the noodles are usually served hot in soup, but cold in most other dishes, lending it an attractive option on hot summer days.  When Ambre was introduced to her first Bún dish in Atlanta, her appreciation was intense and immediate (a common Ambre-ism).  The inherently vegetarian rice noodles are usually topped with other vegetarian friendly additions, especially tofu, which is a common food in Vietnam and so usually on-hand in Vietnamese restaurants. A recent visit to our local asian grocery store inspired me to attempt making the dish as Ambre commonly orders it at restaurants: cold bún, julienned carrots and cucumber, lime slices, and a peanut sauce. I would have also provided bean sprouts and expected that they would be easily found, but alas they eluded me.

I made the sauce from an authentic recipe (though I did make it minus the animal products), fried up some pieces of extra firm tofu, used the mandoline to julienne the carrots and cucumbers. Ambre thought it was better than anything she had in a restaurant. Go me!