Tastings: Snyder’s Of Hanover Seasoned Sourdough Garlic & Herb Nibblers

While Ambre is away on business, she purchased a few things for me to review. First, was yesterday’s Jumbo biscuit. Today, we have the mouthful above. I am a big fan of pretzels, soft and hard, and I am a big fan of Snyder’s Of Hanover. Their Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces make me weak in the knees. They are possibly my favorite snack: very flavorful, perfectly salted, great texture. My review today is of a different product line of theirs, one I am biased against.

The Nibblers:


Nibblers are barrel shaped pieces of pretzel that are scored on one side with a savory flavor coating.  What I have found lacking in my previous Nibbler experiences is salt. With the exception of the flavor coating, there is no other source of salt on this pretzel. The flavor sticks to the exposed pretzel insides which makes up only a small part of the pretzel. The rest is uncoated plain pretzel.

The Verdict:


Not having had Nibblers in years, my experience seems to be the same. I see the signs of exceptionalism: a good and interesting flavor in a bite-size-eating package. But the salt in the flavor coating is nowhere near enough to handle the rest of the nugget. I for one cannot enjoy an low salt pretzel.

This left me wanting.