Summer Concert Extravaganza

Tristan and I have made a pact to try and live life to its fullest. We see too many people living their lives as if they are in a holding pattern, waiting for a better tomorrow that is not guaranteed to ever arrive. We really want to avoid this pitfall and attempt to make the most out of each day. To accomplish this we travel, dine out around town, visit local parks, go on birding and herping excursions, visit the farmer’s market, watch documentaries, etc.

A new thing that we have decided to try is the local concert scene. We are lucky enough to have not only one, but free summer concert venues – all of which are in walking distance of our house.

  1. Wednesday’s ~ The Port Warwick Summer Concert Series
  2. Thursday’s ~ The Mariners’ Museum Thursday’s By the Lake
  3. Friday’s ~ City Center’s Friday’s @ the Fountain

We decided to visit each of these and score them to see which one we like the best so we know which one to go to each week. Anyone who knows us should not be surprised by this; the only thing that Tristan loves more than reviews & rating is, well…nothing  Ambre (Tristan edit: Reviews are #2 in my life). So, yesterday we tried out our first venue; here is our report.


Port Warwick Summer Concert Series ~ Featuring Tumbao Salsero

The Pros:

  • Tons of free parking directly across from the venue
  • Large, energetic crowd
  • Plenty of room on the lawn for said crown not to feel cramped like canned sardines
  • Good music – the salsa band was actually pretty good, but it’s not like Port Warwick had much of a selection for their Latin Music week – like the band said, they are the area’s ONLY local Latin band!
  • Dogs and other pets, such as small children, are welcome
  • Alcoholic beverages of all sorts are permitted within the limits of Styron Square
  • Lots of people + alcohol (usually) = rowdiness, but people were actually on their best behavior (even without a huge police presence)
  • The intermission was actually fun. They played dance music (including some hip hop) that actually got a large crowd up and dancing on the sidewalk

The Cons:

  • Not enough food vendors. The only vendor available was Stuft. You can always bring a picnic basket or eat at one of the (over-priced) restaurants, but with all the other caterers in the area it would be nice to have a few more options available
  • Once the sun disappears behind the apartment buildings it can get nippy, so a blanket is worth remembering to bring

The Low-down:

  • If you want to relax on the grass while you enjoy the weather, decent music, and the company of your friends – this is a GREAT way to spend your Wednesdays and gear yourself up for the rest of the work week.

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