Plat Du Jour: Ethiopian@Home

Ambre’s favorite culinary discovery in Cape Town was the wonderful flavor of Ethiopian cuisine. Fortunately for us, the Washington D.C. area is home to the largest Ethiopian ex-pat community and I was able to purchase authentic ingredients from AWASH Market & Butcher Shop so I could make this at home.


This complex smoky,chili spice has too many ingredient to list here (17!) or make at home efficiently. So, I made a trip into Alexandria to pick some up. $10 may seem pricey for a spice, but the quantity is substantial and the quality is as good as you can get, so it ends up being a good value. We are unlikely to go through .62lbs of this stuff anytime in the near future.



This is a flat sourdough sponge bread that is used as an eating utensil in Ethiopian cuisine. The grocery store in Alexandria also stocked substantial quantities of it for $5 and as a testament to the serious Ethiopian presence in the city, I was able to pick up one still warm from being cooked at a nearby bakery that morning.



In total, I made: 1) Butternut cooked in Berbere and Onions, 2) Shiro Wot (a roasted, spiced, powdered pea mash), and 3) Sauteed and steamed veggies (onion, potato, carrot, and cabbage) seasoned with turmeric.