Country Breakfast

Being in suburban Atlanta on business is a good excuse for me to try as many new things as I can. Last Saturday I visited Gritz Family Restaurant and ordered the Country Sampler. As you can see below, for $7.69,  it is quite impressive. Everything was delicious; the biscuits were straight from the oven!  I ate it all.


Except for the Streak-O-Lean. My first taste was unlike anything I’ve had before.  Later research confirmed that one serving was 7 times as salty as bacon. 85% of your daily value of salt! I like my salt but there was so much I could see it on the surface.

I’ll be back.


Breakfast: White Chocolate Pancakes

It is no secret that Tristan and I love making and eating delicious food. However, we differ A LOT when it comes to our true favorites; we really couldn’t be more different. Tristan loves salty [dinner] foods. I take after my amazing grandfather and have an infinite love for sweets and breakfast foods of all kinds.

One of my favorite breakfast foods are pancakes. It seems like there are endless varieties. Plain, buttermilk, fruit added in the batter, fruit poured on top, etc. However, my all time version of pancakes are white chocolate – something Tristan and I thought up during our junior year of college. The best part of these pancakes are how easy it is to make something that tastes so darn good – plus it provides me the best of both worlds: sweets and breakfast!

To make these yummy morsels – you just added white chocolate chips to the batter immediately after you spoon it into your pan, that’s it and you’re done!



Tastings: Tennessee Pride Jumbo Sausage & Egg Buttermilk Biscuit

I’ve never quite had the passion for breakfast foods that Ambre seems to have. Therefore, my meals tend to be low effort (aka lazy) but my tastebuds still require some semblance of quality and variety. On the blog I will chronicle the food I try. My first food review is for Tennessee Pride Jumbo Sausage & Egg Buttermilk Biscuit.

In comparison:


This Jumbo biscuit looks much larger than it actually is. The Walmart brand biscuit on the right is just 1/6oz smaller.

Tennessee Pride:


Overall this sandwich was sufficiently moist all the way through and was sufficiently salted and flavorful. Tasted alone, the sausage was quite juicy,  the biscuit and egg were unexceptional but still satisfactory.

I enjoyed this.