Tastings: Blue Bell Ice Cream, Rocky Road

When Blue Bell Ice Cream came to Virginia I was surprised by the level of excitement it brought with it. I had only noticed the highway billboard right outside of Richmond a few times, before Ambre brought to my attention that ‘someone’ told her it was new and supposedly very good. With that sort of buzz filtering its way to me, it came as no surprise that as one of the tasting panel Ambre purchased for me before her trip was Blue Bell Rocky Road.

The Bell Tolls:


I haven’t had Rocky Road in a very long time. So long infact I can’t recall the exact degree I enjoyed Rocky Road. To get a closer look I decided to cut it in half.

The Inside Scoop:

What wont I cut in half?

I wouldn’t describe the amount of fillings as ‘chock full’  more like ‘adequate’ but in a good way. The marshmallows were a good size, very moist and just chewy enough to notice their presence. The almonds pieces were high quality, flavorful and sizable as well.

Last Thoughts:

You can actually see the iciness.

My one criticism would be the actual ‘ice cream’ part of this treat. While the chocolate flavor was good the texture seemed icier than most ‘premium’ ice creams I’ve had in the past, but not distractingly so. This Rocky Road is characterized by excellent add-ins combined with decent ice cream.

I had seconds.