Plat Du Jour: Parmesan Artichoke Souffle

Today’s dinner is plucked straight from the imagination of my dearest Ambre. Enjoying the voluminous, fluffy, texture of a broccoli souffle I had made some weeks ago and inspired by her new found love of artichokes (Wegman’s produced a wonderful artichoke flan(!)), she requested their marriage: an artichoke souffle.

Exploration Phase:

Google-ling produced no satisfactory options:

In the end I settled on Claire Robinson’s Parmesan Souffle as my base. I added some drained, coarsely chopped artichokes to the souffle dish then covered them with base and repeated this process to produce layers. I also lowered the temperature to 375 ala Alton Brown and Cooks Illustrated.

NOTE: I failed to follow basic knife safety and cut Ambre with a freshly sharpened chef’s knife. She is surviving.

The Delicious Results:




Plus a tasty pear-apple-zucchini-red pepper salad from Ambre: