A Taste of Fall

So this happened to Tristan and I recently:


Afterwards, Tristan and I got to spend two enjoyable weekends celebrating with our families. Even though the idea was that Tristan and I wouldn’t be responsible for any part of the parties, I just couldn’t help myself – I had to bake some cupcakes!

In honor of the fall season, I made Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting. This was the first time that I ever made caramel from scratch. I have to admit that it required two attempts to get the caramel right; Tristan had to save my first batch – luckily this didn’t affect the final product one bit. These cupcakes were… SCRUMPTIOUS. They were my favorite cupcakes to date. Tristan really liked them, too. He said they reminded him of gingerbread more than pumpkin though, which I didn’t really agree with. Regardless, these cupcakes were to die for.


Afraid that I didn’t make enough cupcakes for the party, I sent Tristan out for an emergency cupcake-ingredient-shopping spree. I had him buy supplies to make Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes with a vanilla confectioners’ sugar-based frosting. To make these fruity cupcakes, I just added a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of raspberry pie filling to each cupcake, prior to baking, and then I swirled the filling in using a knife. The pie filling worked really well, as opposed to jam or jelly, because the large nearly-whole raspberry pieces were great to bite into when eating the cupcakes.



4 thoughts on “A Taste of Fall

  1. Yes, a wonderful celebration despite the rain and two great receptions to honor the bride and groom. Only had the festive fall cupcake, which was delicious as have been the others tasted since you started your quest.

  2. Love your wedding photo and the cupcakes Wow! Maybe you should open a Cupcake shop. Swirling in the pie filling can give you all kinds of wonderful fruit cupcakes. Great idea. A Barbara

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