Dissatisfied with the poor showing I’ve had on earlier occasions of biscuit making I’m doing some experimental baking for myself.  I started with White Lily Self-Rising flour as per Southern tradition as well as the multitudes of recommendations. Since this flour already includes leavening and salt, all that’s required is the liquid and fat. Taking a tip from a Cooks Illustrated recipe, I grated frozen shortening (very snow like in consistency) into the buttermilk a before mixing in the flour.

One mistake I made was preheating the baking sheet before adding the biscuits, the bottoms cooked too quickly.


The shortening version of the recipe produced a nearly cake like biscuit, delightfully fluffy and airy.


I tried the same recipe, using butter instead. The texture was nearly the same, a bit moister I think because of the higher water content in the butter. Flavor was markedly improved(suprise suprise!) and butter imparted a pleasant yellow hue through the biscuit.


Next time I will try to figure out how to get them to rise without spreading out!


3 thoughts on “Biscuits

  1. Allow the dough to rest for about an hour in the refrigerator before baking. That will allow the baking chemistry to develop and will firm up the fat so your biscuits won’t spread.

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