Drumsticks, Three Ways

I planned on having these drumsticks for dinner Wednesday, but due to my infatuation with experimentation, and a new technique, they took nearly 5 hours to cook. That’s pretty crazy and I assure you, in many ways it is. But it was a really informative experiment.

I coated each of them with spices(in order from left to right, Ethiopian Berbere, Tony’s Cajun, plain salt) and stuck them in an oven set to 200F and took them out when they reached 175F internally. I put them in the refrigerator overnight(it was my bedtime, and I still had more recipe to do.) The next day I broiled them. I was inspired by a couple of extra low and slow recipes for cooking beef and I wondered if chicken could benefit from a similar technique. At first glance they look dry, the middle one for instance has a quite leathery looking patch. But, as I learned, this is deceiving and that overcooking is nearly completely responsible for dryness. These, however, were perfectly cooked and were the juiciest and most delicious drumsticks I have ever eaten.



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