Dinner Challenge

Tristan and I were preparing our grocery list for this week when I randomly brought up the idea of doing no shopping and just eating all of the odds and ends out of the closet, fridge, and freezer. He was dubious at first, but then I started crafting meals (smoothies or eggs for breakfast, soup and chicken sandwiches for lunch, and veggies with random things like frozen ravioli for dinner) and he started to like the challenge of the idea.

So, our first dinner ended up being: Orange “Chicken” with Steamed Edamame.

The orange chicken was a soy-product made by Gardenin that Tristan and I both think tastes better than most real chicken we’ve had at Chinese restaurants. The edamame was fun to eat – nothing like popping like beans out of hairy pods!  – and very tasty, as well. It was about time we used it, too; the bag had been in the freezer for months!

This random meal actually ended up being rather memorable and definitely something we will make again in the future. Even better, all that food was less than 400 calories!



4 thoughts on “Dinner Challenge

  1. Great idea…..eat what you all re3ady have on hand…..I did this a lot when I lived on the farm; where going to the grocery store was an hour away. The meal sounds wonderful. A Barbara

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