Cupcake Fun

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted; I apologize. I am teaching 3 university labs this semester, studying for the GRE, looking into Ph.D. programs, and planning my wedding so that might help explain the situation! However, Tristan and I went “home” this weekend to go a greyhound picnic with my mom and her/our retired racer named Jude. Naturally, I thought I would surprise her with cupcakes.

Almond Cupcakes with Vanilla Whipped Frosting

I love almond flavored baked goods – like, a lot. So, I was excited to try almond emulsion with my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe, substituting the inferior vanilla extract with almond – the superior, nearly divine flavor favored by those of us with the most highly evolved taste buds!

Then, my aunt sent me a recipe idea for frosting that I wanted to try out and almond cupcakes seemed like the perfect time to go for it. This recipe was for a whipped frosting that calls for Cool Whip, instant pudding mix, milk, and flavor extract (unusual, I know). The most awesome part of this recipe, besides how fast it is to make (seriously – you just mix and you’re done), is that the pudding mixes come in so many flavors! You can make a variety of yummy frosting flavors just by substituting different types of pudding mixes – cool, huh?

I put some glitz on my little puffs of mouthwatering delight and this is what I came up with: 


I decided to get the dog’s opinion of the frosting since it had a light, pup-friendly design. I think he approved.


Thanks for the Recipe Aunt Kathy!


4 thoughts on “Cupcake Fun

  1. You’ve got to love that Almond flavor, my favorite also. The cupcakes look yummy and it seems the dog agrees. Can’t wait to taste one.

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