Country Breakfast

Being in suburban Atlanta on business is a good excuse for me to try as many new things as I can. Last Saturday I visited Gritz Family Restaurant and ordered the Country Sampler. As you can see below, for $7.69,  it is quite impressive. Everything was delicious; the biscuits were straight from the oven!  I ate it all.


Except for the Streak-O-Lean. My first taste was unlike anything I’ve had before.  Later research confirmed that one serving was 7 times as salty as bacon. 85% of your daily value of salt! I like my salt but there was so much I could see it on the surface.

I’ll be back.


4 thoughts on “Country Breakfast

  1. Southern Cooking means plenty of salt, bacon, country fried steak, okra, grits, sausage and gravy – YUM, Yum

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