Breakfast: White Chocolate Pancakes

It is no secret that Tristan and I love making and eating delicious food. However, we differ A LOT when it comes to our true favorites; we really couldn’t be more different. Tristan loves salty [dinner] foods. I take after my amazing grandfather and have an infinite love for sweets and breakfast foods of all kinds.

One of my favorite breakfast foods are pancakes. It seems like there are endless varieties. Plain, buttermilk, fruit added in the batter, fruit poured on top, etc. However, my all time version of pancakes are white chocolate – something Tristan and I thought up during our junior year of college. The best part of these pancakes are how easy it is to make something that tastes so darn good – plus it provides me the best of both worlds: sweets and breakfast!

To make these yummy morsels – you just added white chocolate chips to the batter immediately after you spoon it into your pan, that’s it and you’re done!




5 thoughts on “Breakfast: White Chocolate Pancakes

  1. Ah, A young lady after my own heart. You do me proud to be mentioned in your culinary escapades .
    Rock on sweetie. Poppy

  2. Cindy, I hope you enjoy them. There is nothing better than biting into the pancake and hitting that gooey, warm spot of white chocolate. It’s like a taste of heaven!

    And Poppy – I have to give credit where credit is due. Clearly, my awesome taste buds were inherited from you. Our preference just align so perfectly!

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